Beggars Belief

by Agency Dub Collective

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The latest and 7th album from Melbourne's Agency Dub Collective is their largest effort yet. A true mash-up of roots and electronic sounds, the band have honed their trademark heavyweight spaceous riddim sound with incendiary rub-a-dub. Beggars Belief packs more than a few surprises.


released November 24, 2012



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Agency Dub Collective Melbourne, Australia

Agency Dub Collective are an Australian dub band, based in Melbourne. With a history dating back to the turn of the millenium, Agency Dub Collective are among the early pioneers of live dub in Australia. Their 7th album "Beggars Belief" was released on 24 Nov 2012, along with a mammoth Aus east coast tour summer 2012/2013.
Catch them live around Aust in 2016 with a new vinyl release mid-year.
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Track Name: Sub Detonator (Dub)
Track Name: New Galaxy
Venerate the brave to eradicate the hate gene,
create steam if ya had to take what my mate seen,
too late to wait accelerate and stay keen
new community global people make a great team
No great Queen or King wipe the slate clean.
Track Name: Won't Burn
Chron sack, Rollie and the fyah makin' contact
Agency Dub true where many others gone whack
Bad luck for dem, never shoulda trod upon crack
offer me the collie I'm a bon it till it gone black
Pour the long black and i tell ya where I'm from chap
3 ocloc Bogey know he comin' fi demonstrat..
Straight dreaded combat subby set it long flat
Strong track, run it like the dubby headed wombat...
Track Name: Get Irie
What we want, just ta get ya all vibed at the party.
Just ta blaze, dance away ya troubles and get irie.
Track Name: Flip the Cent
On the face of it I'm the Dub conservationist
Controlling the bass n kicks for all the stronger braver kids.
Bomb the racist gits with longer play make the hits
For comrades not pill-pop twits who
belong to faker cliques
Dub Hop non-stop come to rock blocks till we shake the bricks

If ya feel it make a sound
and if ya feel it shake the ground.
Track Name: Inch Nor Mile
Rock riddim destructin em, yes! yes! we not give them Inch nor mile from the Orient to Occident. Confident that we not needin no glock clickin, 'less they gonna hold the whole world hostage and then. 
Drop hittin never stop, not quittin - hot pot lickin rock a spot - the plot thicken - rock for Yard and ya know I'd like ta rock Britain - can't stop the clock tickin, discipline a clot - spittin!
Dubby is a ting.....Riddim is a ting
Track Name: Time ta Strike
Poverty still the main cause a terror.
Property still the main cause for tremor.

Once the supply line's dry it's time to strike.
Track Name: Boss Dub
none - instrumental
Track Name: Bail Out
Life and Liberty are cherished old friends of political rhetoric as they always make a nice contrast to death and slavery: two states that most human beings would rather avoid. - Gore Vidal
Track Name: Fire Ignited
Ya might be a whitey or an African, Japanese, Jewish, German or ya Sri-Lankan,
if ya steeze is all natty and ya keep skankin, don't please authorities, keep the beat crankin,
One love the vibration we thankin, count blessings when I roll with the feet stampin.
Track Name: Flip the Cent (3oB version)
don't whip the tek, just kick my set, when I do, know a fool gonna hit the deck, Big respect, not gonna stick the rep in ya face, im a hit a spliffarette.
Rich? not yet, never gonna live for debt, flip the cent, check what the tip forget, tit for tat, tap till I'm near to death, rip my rap, represent the VIC correct!
Track Name: Sub Detonator (3oB version)
Planned Obsolescence, Man drop ya weapons coz this
Stand-off is mad end all dancehall aggression
Understand what ya gettin's damned they na lettin
the demands of our children steer our hands and our steppin
Answer the question they command and them threaten
Pander to clans with their grams and their cheques when we
Slam quick and check them, ram in their section
Scramble the henchmen they will
Stand to attention